About me

Hey there, I’m David. 👋

I’ve made a career out of making the web better for people. More generally, I want to improve the world in positive and meaningful ways.

I’m currently focused on web accessibility for large organizations. In particular, I’m good at multiplying the impacts of web accessibility efforts through design systems and sensible digital strategy.

If you’re interested in hiring me, let’s chat!

I tend to keep my personal life relatively private online. If you want to know more about me, let’s say hi sometime.

How I work

Throughout my career, there have been three common types of work I intertwine, to help make websites better:

  • practical work: doing the hands-on tasks that others talk about, but don’t always act upon
  • strategic work: experimenting with processes and challenging the status quo
  • collaborative work: bringing people together to contribute their experiences towards a shared goal

This blend of practical, strategic, and collaborative work has been the driving force behind every successful project I’ve supported.

Web accessibility certification

Where I’ve been

Toronto is my home now, but I have lived all across Canada; from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, and a few places in between. I vibe with the Ontario culture, but sorely miss the painterly landscapes and dramatic tides of the East Coast.

I also spent a year and a half living in London, UK, while I worked on the GOV.UK Design System.

Before that, I spent five years working on central teams for ontario.ca, the Ontario Government’s flagship website. I also did some user experience work for the Ontario Public Service’s intranet, InsideOPS.

And before all that, I studied digital design and international business at the University of Waterloo. From sound design and videography, to coding and economics, the program covered a dizzying breadth of digitally important skills. Separately, I was deeply embedded in the collegiate a cappella world, singing bass for precisely-arranged and choreographed pop songs.